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Who We Are

When it comes to developing technology solutions that are cutting edge, scalable, and competitive, we are the go-to experts in the field of digital acceleration.

SeventyNine Digital is a notable digital creative and information and communications technology (ICT) organization based in Johannesburg. The company’s goal is to offer customised, all-in-one solution packages to its customers and clients.

We started out as a small web design and development company, but we’ve grown into a successful ICT services and solutions company. Because we know a lot and have a lot of experience, we have contracts with a number of well-known businesses and agencies all over the country.

To respond to the demands of digital consumers, our skilled team members follow industry trends and generate fresh concepts. We offer creative, cost-effective solutions that are meant to lower costs, boost output, and improve performance.

The amount of work that went into envisioning your goal is something that our staff is aware of. We cannot wait to work with you to achieve all of your objectives.

Our Clients Inspire Us

As your trusted digital supplier, we create distinctive brand identities. From the time we get your brief, we produce unique digital concepts and ICT solutions. We are here to assist you achieve your digital objectives.

We provide services to satisfy all of your IT requirements and help you develop. Whether you want to make your brand more well-known, keep your online business safe, or make a new app, our team can help.

We accomplish outcomes and continue to succeed via distinctive product creation and brand strategy. With our digital business services, you may concentrate on new commercial prospects while we manage your technology and digital demands.

We Have The Edge 

We base every project on value generation. Considering your company’s mission, strategy, and business structure, we offer value cost-effectively and sustainably. Throughout the process, we welcome innovation, monitor performance, and manage risks efficiently and effectively.

Our team’s skills give us a competitive edge, and we put important resources and solutions into every project to make sure customers are happy. We have the abilities, expertise, and experience to realize your vision.

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep people healthy & safe

Benefit of the socie where we operate. A success website obusly needs great design to be one

We are best in the field

Benefit of the socie where we operate. A success website obusly needs great design to be one of the top 10 IT


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